Natural Hair Treatment for Growth

Once hair loss begins it can be a devastating experience eating away at your confidence and making it more difficult for you to interact in social situations. Many men elect to shave their heads, but this look is not a comfortable look for everyone. For women it may be even more devastating as a woman’s attractiveness is often associated with a full head of lovely locks. If you are experiencing hair loss, don’t despair. There are many natural options you can use to help stimulate natural hair regrowth.

Enjoy an Iron and Vitamin Rich Diet

Diet plays a huge role in your overall health and it is easier to stimulate hair growth when you are healthy. A diet fortified with plenty of iron is an excellent natural treatment for growth as iron plays a major role n your hair’s production. Vitamin E helps repair damaged hair follicles a major contributor to hair loss. Vitamin A assists with the production of sebum which is required for keeping your hair from turning brittle. B-Complex will help strengthen and contribute to the overall health of your hair. Foods rich in iron and vitamins include:

• Green leafy vegetables

• Beans

• Red Meat Tofu

• Fruit

Hair Treatment for Growth with Scalp Massage

Another excellent natural hair treatment for growth option is scalp massage. A massage applied with natural oils will help boost your scalp’s blood circulation while providing nourishment and strength to your hair follicles. You can visit a local masseuse and ask them to use oils such as jojoba, coconut or olive oils to treat yourself to a relaxing massage or simply apply the oil and massage yourself. To make the massage even more effective as well as to add a soothing element to the massage you should warm the oil and add rosemary, lavender or sage essential oils. It is best to have the massage before bed to allow the oils to penetrate the scalp and then shampoo as usual in the morning micropigmentación capilar marbella.

Natural Herbal Remedies as Hair Treatment for Growth

There are also herbal remedies that you can use that have been assisting people as a hair treatment for growth for centuries. Catnip and burdock are used in shampoos and conditioners to assist in preventing hair loss. Chamomile is an excellent choice if your hair loss is stress related. You can brew chamomile tea as a pleasing drink to help calm your nerves. Keep tea bags at the office and make yourself a cup of chamomile tea when you are experiencing work related stress or enjoy tea at home with a good book.

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